Vasco Da Gama2022

The ship


Vasco da Gama – the eco-friendly boutique cruise ship

The 30-metre wide and 219-metre long ship has 9 passenger decks that can accommodate almost 1,300 passengers. Of the total of 630 cabins and suites between 16 and 102 m² in size, only 129 are inward-facing, all the others are outside cabins, 150 of which have balconies.

Wellness is very important on the “Vasco da Gama”. The gym, located next to the spa, is open 24 hours and has plenty of equipment. This includes 11 spinning bikes, 5 steppers, 7 treadmills, 5 seated bikes, 14 weight machines, 2 rowing machines, and a large selection of free weights. In the spa, dry and steam saunas are included in the trip price. The jogging trail is located on the top deck.

With a volume of 55,000 gross tons, the Vasco da Gama offers a ratio of 1 to 43 per passenger and has two pool areas – one is prominently located at the stern of the ship with generous sunbathing areas. The other is located amidships and is equipped with a movable roof, which only a vanishingly small number of ships in the cruise industry have. In addition, there is a noble wellness area with sauna and steam room, a large fitness centre and sports areas on the outer decks. The show theatre “Hollywood’s” extends over two decks and offers first-class evening entertainment.

The choice of restaurant is also excellent. The Vasco da Gama trumps with three à la carte restaurants. In particular, the Asian-oriented “Dragon Lady” convinces with its special attention to detail, such as authentic Japanese tables at floor level. The buffet restaurant “Pantry” also stands out conceptually. It is more reminiscent of a food court that combines different styles at different stations: these include a Mexican, an Indian, an Asian and a garden bar with salads, as well as a sweet shop for desserts and a meat grill. This conceptual approach also extends to the numerous bars and culminates in the all-round glass viewing lounge “The Dome”.

The shipping company recently equipped the diesel engines of the Vasco da Gama with a new fuel system. Currently, a distinction is made between heavy fuel oil, which is still used in almost all ships for refuelling, and modern liquefied natural gas (LNG). Since the ports have so far lagged behind in offering appropriate LNG refuelling, some shipping companies use a largely pollutant-reduced variant called MGO (Marine Gas Oil). Nicko-Cruises is the fourth operator worldwide to have converted its propulsion system to this with a large investment. The ship also has a urea-water-based nitrogen oxide catalytic converter (SCR). In addition, a new wastewater system from the German company MARTIN Systems GmbH was installed on the ship, which reduces suspended matter to zero without the use of chemicals.

When the “Vasco da Gama” first entered service with P&O Cruises in 2015 as the “Pacific Eden”, the following clip was taken. The photo gallery below shows the almost unchanged current state of the public areas.

Dialysis Station

To ensure that dialysis patients can also experience unforgettable holiday moments, Nicko Cruises is cooperating with DiaCare AG, which has been offering holiday dialysis on ships for 40 years. On VASCO DA GAMA, DiaCare provides a fully equipped haemodialysis unit with separate water treatment plant and its own emergency power supply.








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